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Triple K Colt Woodsman Magazine .22 LR 10 Rounds Steel Blued
Product ID50820 .·
ManufacturerTriple K Mfg.
DescriptionIntroduced as "automatic pistol target model" in 1915. The "Woodsman" designation was added in 1927. The original models to serial #83790 are not considered safe with high velocity ammunition. It was available in Model S, Sport Model, and later as S-MT, a flat barreled target pistol with adjustable sights and oversized grips, generally called the 1938 model. Manufacturing was almost stopped during WW II, the design was discontinued in 1945.

Specifications and Features:
Triple K
Colt Woodsman Magazine
.22 Long Rifle
10 Rounds
DepartmentMagazines › Standard

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